Milan 2019

The 1st International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education (TLECONF) took place on the 30th October – 1st November 2019 at Collegio di Milano in Milan, Italy.

We are pleased to report that the event was a definitive success. Attended by leading scientists, researchers, and educators from around the world – Malaysia, Turkey, Palestine, Ghana, Latvia, Ireland, Slovakia, Israel, Belgium, Taiwan, etc. – the event was constantly buzzing with thought-provoking discussions and knowledge sharing. Every attendee made a contribution by bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the discussion.

The scientific committee, through a double-blind review process, ensured that all papers presented at the event adhered to the highest standards of quality. Here are just a few examples of topics that were covered by the program: systemic practices in education, addressing the anxious reality of first-year experience in higher education, encountering the “Politics of Fear,” incorporating an entrepreneurial approach to teaching the English language at a university level, and many more,

We are excited about the 2023 edition of TLECONF. It promises to be even bigger and better!

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international conference on education
conference on education and teaching