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The early symposia, those convivial meetings of the intellect, were places where ancient philosophers exchanged novel concepts and unforgettable experiences. The inherent spirit of Plato’s Symposium still burns brightly in Athens today, fostering energetic and fruitful international gatherings and fascinating events. Athens is a historic global capital and a thriving knowledge hub.

Events are held in Athens all year round in some of the most attractive venues in all of Europe.

Here are our reasons to choose Athens as our venue

Global Hub for Knowledge and Innovation
The National Technical University of Athens, one of the most renowned institutions worldwide, is one of the 11 Universities that call Athens home.

Fantastic accommodations and cuisine
Exciting accommodation options are available for lodging in Athens and the surrounding area. Athens is renowned for its exquisite Mediterranean food as well.

Top Meeting Venues
From historical landmarks to cutting-edge modern projects, from urban venues to beach destinations, Athens offers a wide range of distinctive locales and venues for meetings to suit any requirement.

Landmarks both natural and cultural
The Athens Riviera places everyone right in the middle of the Greek island way of life just a short ride from the center of Athens. Furthermore, Athens promises genuine encounters with its past, present, and future. A thriving modern cultural life coexists with tens of internationally renowned museums and several UNESCO sites.

Easy Access
Delegates may easily travel to Athens thanks to its advantageous geographic location at the intersection of three continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia. One of the world’s busiest airports, the Athens International Airport has affordable connections to all major cities and is continually expanding its network with new routes and locations.

Check out our guides for some of the favorite attractions, restaurants, the hidden gems, and accommodations.

You will come for the Conference and Stay for Athens!

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